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Why is OvinApp the best Application for sheep and goats?

Sheep and goat software that allows you to manage, control, analyze and make the best decisions based on information from your records

Report cattle rustling or predators

By reporting these cases, a notification (alert) will be sent to the rest of the users near your farm so that they can take the appropriate precautions in their flock. That is why it is necessary to recommend OvinApp!

Sheep - Goat Health

Record and manage the health treatments of your sheep and goats. Take advantage of the recommendations of our App to carry out preventive or detective treatments in your livestock. You can consult these treatments from OvinApp at any time. OvinApp is Free!

More Lambs - More Goats

Produce more and better lambs or goats, productively identify your best sheep and/or goats, classify and maximize profits in your production, without losing sight of your finances.


Save time, keep your flock's follow-ups organized and recorded with our alerts. They will allow you to be attentive to each task and comply with your production schedule.

Main features of our software for goats and sheep

Task-powered dashboard

Tasks are the driving force behind our sheep-carpine software. Where you can:

  • Plan
  • Register
  • Update
  • Intuitive
  • Safe
  • Agile
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free!

Sheep Management | Goat Management

You will be able to have your livestock organized and inventoried, assigning them to specific groups by criteria that adapt to your sheep program or goat program. Know the resume of your animals, from birth, their parents, their offspring and results.

View the schedule of your reproductive, feeding and movement activities to enhance your sheep or goat farming.

Reproduction and raising of lambs or goats

Monitor and evaluate the participation of your rams or goats in the performance of the progeny, review and record the pregnancy of your ewes and view the probable dates of lambing through our alerts. Completely applicable to goats.

Enter birth, weaning, monthly and annual weights, score your body conditions, automatically calculate values related to your daily weight gain per sheep, identify and classify animals by meat yield and more lambs.

Personal and Establishment Finances

Know the financial results of your business at all times and at your fingertips.

By registering your purchases and sales you will be able to know your expenses, income and your monthly and accumulated profits, instantly.

General reports of your livestock

Reports are a key tool to evaluate and monitor your production management.

You will be able to download, share and analyze your reports like never before, to make better decisions that positively impact your business. business.

Areas with Rustler and Predator alerts

You can report cases of rustling (theft) or predators that killed your sheep. In this way, a notification will be sent to the rest of the OvinApp users in their country so that they can take the appropriate precautions for their flock.

This solution will also allow you to know the cases that occur in your country, you will be able to identify those around you or where they are found in greatest quantity; and thus comply with controls on your farm.

It has never been easier to record, analyze and make decisions to
power and control your sheep business or goat business.

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