Welcome to our Blog for sheep producers. Here you will find information related to sheep breeds, handling, and the management of your livestock. You don’t need to have an active membership; the content created here is for anyone involved in sheep farming.

You’ll discover details about the usage of our application, OvinApp, designed to streamline control and enhance various aspects of our work. Remember, what isn’t measured can’t be improved.

Sheep and Goat Management

A section dedicated to providing information and advice for the management of sheep and goat herds. It covers topics such as feeding, reproduction, care of sheep and goats, facility management, and techniques to enhance productivity and profitability. Essential information for any sheep or goat owner or producer looking to improve their business and ensure the health and well-being of their herd.

Suffolk es una raza de ovejas de cara negra, originaria de Inglaterra ovinapp

7 breeds of meat production sheep

Sheep meat is consumed throughout the world and is obtained from most breeds of sheep. However, some breeds are more ...

OvinApp Tutorials

OvinApp is our solution to many problems and disorganizations that can occur in the task of sheep production, such as controls and management. The reality is that many people, even today, continue to record on paper sheets. This can be a significant problem for data analysis and making better, more productive decisions. For this reason and more, OvinApp was created. Want to know how it works? We provide you with some tutorials.

aplicación ovinapp donde el futuro de la ganadería comienza

What is OvinApp? – Sheep goat software

OvinApp is the software for sheep and goats that allows you to manage, control, analyze and make the best decisions based on information from your records for the efficient administration of your resources and sheep or goat management. Why is it the best sheep-goat control software? OvinApp is your best ...
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